Our goal is to make saving money as fun and rewarding as spending it. How?

By giving you the ability to save anytime, anywhere, to any of your savings goals, into a secure savings account. So come on, let's transform saving from a mundane task into an impulsive part of your daily life!

Who we are


Phil Fremont-Smith

Co-founder, CEO

Phil had the idea for ImpulseSave while watching his daughter’s soccer game. After getting distracted by a deal notification on his phone, it hit him: you can spend your money easily, from anywhere. Why can’t saving be just as simple and fun?

Prior to ImpulseSave Phil helped launch and grow 2 early stage start-ups:, a SaaS CRM and Consumer Lead Generation service serving the Banking, Mortgage and Insurance industries; and, a SaaS technology solution helping businesses in the US and Europe scale their accounting and technology capabilities.

Phil holds an MBA from MIT where he was a Sloan Fellow, and a BA from Boston College. He studied Choral and Orchestral Conducting at the University College Cork, Ireland, and continues to compose and conduct original choral and orchestral works.


John Mileham

Co-founder, CTO

Before ImpulseSave, John was the CTO of Berkleemusic, Berklee College of Music’s award-winning online music school and professional musicians’ network, which he and his team built from the ground up.

John grew up in Milwaukee, where he started developing web apps professionally, while still in high school, well before Google existed. An avid musician, he went to music school for two years before dropping out to build cutting edge web apps with ArsDigita, a web shop in Cambridge, MA.

Armed with his experiences and having worked with some of the most talented people in the industry, John has straddled development, design and management roles for more than a decade and stays at the forefront of practices and technologies, actively contributing code to open source projects such as Ruby on Rails.


Anne Steinhaus

VP, Product

Anne joined the ImpulseSave team in 2012 and oversees our product development, marketing, and customer service efforts.

Before ImpulseSave, Anne was Senior Product Manager at Viximo, a social game publisher focused on global distribution. Anne also brings her experience as a data-driven marketer to ImpulseSave. At Digitas and iCrossing she worked with a breadth of clients to develop their digital marketing strategies, with a focus on social media and analytics.

Anne has a BA in Biochemical Sciences from Harvard College.


Jon Schwartz

VP, Business Development

Jon has worked for 20 years in high tech research, including 10 years at Forrester Research, where he was Vice President of Sales and Marketing. During his tenure the company grew from a small niche player to a worldwide force of 1,000 people and a market cap of $1 billion.

After a career selling advisory and consulting services, Jon devoted a decade to non-profit organizations, community events, teaching, coaching, and raising a family. He received a B.A. degree from Colby College.

Fun fact: Jon enjoys sailing, cycling, swimming, hiking, and basketball.

Contact Us

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